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"My widowed father is unable to manage his daily personal care needs anymore, and I’m just too busy to be there as often as I should." 

"Mom has always been so independent. She hates to ask for help, but has trouble balancing her checkbook and remembering to pay bills. I don’t think she is eating well, either."

"Dad is angry and depressed at the loss of friends and the limitations imposed on him as he gets older, and he takes it out on me. I feel frustrated with him…and guilty that I feel that way."

"Mother is afraid and anxious about living alone in her big house, but she doesn’t want to sell it yet. She’s terrified at the thought of going to a retirement home and losing her cherished belongings."

"When my parents are gone, my mentally disabled brother will need to live with family members or in another group setting. Before we make a decision, we need help choosing from among the options."

At the Alliance for Healthy Aging (AHA), we understand what it means to be part of the “sandwich generation.” Like you, our professional members are caring for loved ones, along with managing full-time jobs, running their households, and raising and educating children. 

We are here to help.

The mission of AHA is “Education Prior to Need,” with a goal of eliminating crisis decision making when it comes to caring for a loved one, regardless of their age or health condition. We are here to help you navigate through health care-related, elder care and other special care issues, giving you the knowledge and self-confidence necessary to choose the best care plan—with as little negative impact as possible on you and your loved one.

We offer convenient educational resources, group presentations and personal support to create peace of mind for you and your loved one.

To arrange for a one-on-one consultation with one of our caring professionals, please call 720-295-1AHA (1242) to begin this valuable education and planning process. The sooner you know your options, the easier it is to support anyone in your life who is, or will be, going through a significant life transition.  

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